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  • Multiple formula storage

    Stored process recipe to the system, the data is formed, arbitrarily selected

  • Easy change of production stop

    Automatically adjust machine between rest and production

  • Automatically thickness adjustment

    Automatically adjust the height of products with different thicknesses

  • Intelligent equipment cleaning

    Simplified cleaning process with intelligent equipment cleaning system

  • Process reset

    A key reset of board blocking , loss alarming, device application failure

  • Thermostat system

    An intelligent thermostatic system to ensure product quality

  • Visible loss warning

    The warning system of loss of rollers and lamps during production line

  • Mobile sync management

    Mobile sync management of yield, production capacity, production data

  • System remove upgrade

    New functions, system upgrade, one-click download

Unmanned, flexible and intelligent finishing system
  • Unmanned System

    The entire production line can remove control and master in Control Center.
  • Flexible System

    Several processes can be online at the same time, such as solid color, transparency, skin touch effect, and high gloss
  • Intelligent System

    The system can be linked with the front-end MES system to achieve data interconnection
Intelligent matching
  • Online defect detection, quality standardization

    Online detection and automatic sorting of first-class, second-class, and defective products.
  • Optimized management by data Monitoring System

    It can be checked at any time of daily output, monthly output, annual output, equipment maintenance, and operation record.
  • Get the latest insight into industry trends by Map board

    The distribution area where the machines are used and the data information is open to the industry, optimizing production through industry volume data.
Intelligent application
  • Sunon’s office furniture

    From the usage of single intelligent machines in 2016, to currently realize intelligent production of the entire line.
  • Henan Zhengzhou Jianxiang (zhuyou) decoration

    Roller coating and automatic spraying production line. The entire intelligent line integrates processing, production, and sales.
  • Roca’s intelligent home series

    Mainly produced by paint door, realized with the entire unmanned, intelligent and flexible production line.
Smart line cooperative customers
Intelligent application service