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Excimer lamp technology helps the super matte skin feeling line, and has won the

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1、 Project research evolution

Excimer Technology decorative panel is a new favorite in the market in recent years. According to the prediction of the development direction of industry production, in order to meet the market demand for high-end customization, further strengthen the technical cooperation between universities, institutions and production enterprises, and expand the promotion and application of scientific research achievements, Guangdong Hanqiu company, together with Nanjing Forestry University and the woodworking Institute of the Chinese Academy of forestry, has conducted research through three parties, The project research team of "research and demonstration application of key technologies for digital coating of ultra matte skin feeling decorative panels" was established, and close cooperation, experimental research and industrialized mass production were carried out.

Excimer super dumb skin sensitive plate

At present, the research work of this subject has been completed, and good technical achievements and demonstration application results have been achieved. It has been successfully applied in more than 30 customer factories.

2、 Identification of excimer super dumb skin sensitive plate technology and production equipment

Identification items

"Digital coating technology and equipment for super matte skin feeling decorative panel"

"Digital coating production line for super matte skin feeling decorative panel"

Skin mute technology source unit

Guangdong Hanqiu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Nanjing Forestry University, Institute of wood industry, Chinese Academy of forestry

Identification unit

China forestry society, China Forestry Industry Association

3、 Achievement evaluation and product appraisal meeting

On June 8, 2022, the China Forestry Society and the China Forest Products Industry Association organized experts to conduct evaluation and appraisal by means of online and offline meetings.

Epidemic causes
Online and offline meetings are combined
There are 3 sub venues offline--
Guangdong Hanqiu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
Nanjing Forestry University
Woodworking Institute of Chinese Academy of forestry

瀚秋公司付秋霞董事長,馬小波總經理、應用總監、研發總監、項目總監以及項目其他參與人員出Attended the meeting, and comprehensively expounded the project background, research purpose, technical implementation route, technical achievements, application of technology, benefits, etc.
Meeting by
Zeng Xiangwei, director of academic department of China forestry society, professor level senior engineer
Professor chentianquan, vice president of China forest products industry association and Acting Secretary General of China Forest Products Industry Association
Co chair
The expert appraisal committee is composed of
Yekelin, chief scientist of national strategic alliance for technological innovation of wood and bamboo industry, researcher
Professor lijianzhang, Beijing Forestry University
Researcher lvbin, deputy director of woodworking Institute of Chinese Academy of forestry
Zhangzhongtao, director of the first industrial Institute of the Industrial Development Planning Institute of the State Forestry and grassland administration, professor level senior engineer
Professor wangchuangui, Anhui Agricultural University
Professor pangxiaoren, vice president of Zhejiang yungeng Moganshan home furnishing Research Institute
Common composition
At the meeting, the experts made in-depth discussion and appraisal on the key innovation points of the skin feeling coating technology and coating production line, the differentiation advantages with relevant technologies and products at home and abroad, the comparative analysis of excimer skin feeling, film pressing skin feeling and flat skin feeling, the demonstration application of different application scenarios, the detection methods and indicators of the super matt surface coating, the establishment of enterprise standards, etc.
The joint R & D project team innovatively designed the overall structure and frame of the UV matte machine, systematically optimized the layout of components such as LED lamp, wind curtain group and side matte lamp, integrated excimer lamp technology, UV curing technology, coating technology and PLC intelligent control technology, and developed high-efficiency core extinction equipment.
Through the integration of digital coating technology, an ultra matte skin feeling digital production line is developed, which realizes the remote intelligent monitoring, early warning, diagnosis and maintenance of the coating process.

Te excimer skin matte technology and production line can realize efficient matte coating treatment for ordinary and special-shaped plates, so that the surface of wood-based panels can obtain super matte skin decorative effect, and enhance the added value of decorative wood-based panels.

The excimer super dumb skin line has been tested by the national machinery product safety quality inspection and testing center, and the product quality meets the index requirements of relevant national standards; The matte skin coated decorative panels produced by this production line have been tested by the quality inspection and Testing Center for wood-based panels and their products of the State Forestry and grassland Administration (Nanjing), and the product correlation is good. The product has been mass produced and applied in 9 provinces and regions, with good feedback from users.

The appraisal committee agreed that the achievements of "digital painting technology and equipment for ultra matte skin feeling decorative panels" and the new products of "digital painting production line for ultra matte skin feeling decorative panels" have reached the international advanced level respectively.