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When the flat paste enterprise "meets" the printing enterprise, how beautiful ac

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Flat paste enterprises "meet" printing enterprises

On June 20, Fu Qiuxia and her delegation visited Changzhou Interprint (hereinafter referred to as IP). This is a German-funded enterprise, is also the world's largest decorative paper industry printing, headquartered in Arnsberg, Germany, Changzhou is its China base.

IP is very sophisticated in reception

A flat paste enterprise "meets" a printing enterprise, what kind of beautiful accident will there be?

Impression of the IP exhibition hall

When our car turned into the IP factory gate, we saw that the yard was empty, and only three flags were planted in the seven flagpoles, respectively, the Chinese and German flags and the enterprise flags. The three-story office building is blue and gray, the center is the IP logo, the electronic display is wandering - welcome Hanqiji assembly team to visit and guide the words of the banner.

At a glance, IP is very experienced in reception, but it is really extraordinary after entering the office building.

This is what a commercial office should be, simple and hygienic.

On the left are two sample rooms, with long strips hanging in the corridor and short strips in the room, each with a name and description. The shelves are tugs with pulleys that can be hauled away. Having participated in numerous exhibitions, IP has also developed various efficiency tools.

The meeting room is not big, two kinds of fruit, bottled water, small cookies. After seeing all kinds of expensive sample rooms and the culture of making tea, I still think IP hospitality is good, simple and hygienic. That's what business offices are for.

IP workshop impression

Or pay face big, a line of people can enter the workshop to visit, but still do not let photos.

Opening the small side door of the workshop, facing the dark equipment, looking up at a roll of giant paper ingots turning, immediately feel small people. Strong manufacturing atmosphere of the last century.

Strong manufacturing atmosphere of the last century

But the indoor environment is very comfortable. There is no smell and noise of the traditional printing workshop, the room temperature is more than 20 degrees (more than 30 degrees outside), a T-shirt is the most suitable; The floor paint is shiny, and your clothes don't have to be dirty if you lie flat. The main color is gray, the yellow mark is the motor vehicle lane (electric forklift), and the green channel is the pedestrian channel. The separation of human and vehicle is one of the safety requirements in EHS management.

There is no inspirational slogan in the workshop, no large electronic screen, no fancy SOP manual on the station, not many workers, all blue T-shirts (IP~blue), just like all the facades of the workshop are blue aluminum alloy decorative strips -IP blue.

This is what a manufacturing plant should look like.

Full house custom, Your IP Is Here
General Yan, the head of the Chinese side, forty out of the nod, in this enterprise for more than twenty years. He explained to us that IP used water-based ink, so the workshop could not smell solvent-based ink odor; Constant temperature and humidity ensure a stable environment for ink (after opening), printing and drying.

"The climate in Changzhou is cold in winter and hot in summer, and the reason why many peers have different product batch effects is actually because the workshop is not constant temperature and humidity." The environment can be controlled to ensure that the batches of printed matter are consistent, "Yan said.

There is a small room next to each production line, bright lights, no door, it looks like a military station, Yan Zong corrected me that this is actually a "standard light source room." The standard light source room looks simple, but it can be "standard", and the knowledge inside has to go.

Learned standard light source room (risk death)

Mr. Yan taught us: "Color is a feeling, and each person feels differently." In order to maintain batch stability, IP has developed a set of regulations for the use of standard light source rooms, such as the size of the sample, the distance from the eye, and the Angle are numerically specified. The lamps are imported from Germany, and the same batch must be replaced after a period of time."

"Isn't it easy to see colors? Many of our peers just glance at the sun or fluorescent lamps, but the Germans have worked hard to develop a process and standards." General Yan said to us while giving a demonstration of the standard way to see the sample.

In addition to the constant temperature workshop and standard light source room, he also demonstrated the immersion tensile tester, sample sealing room... .. One is used to "about" and "almost", another is used to "serious" and "dead reason", the difference between Chinese and German companies may be in this, I think after reading.

IP steel roller is like Xi 'an Stele forest

There is an empty space in the giant machine room in the workshop, where more than 60 steel frames are neatly lined up, with three columns on top, middle and lower, and the outside of the columns are wrapped with felt. I carefully tore the felt on the side, and it turned out to be a steel roller.

Yan explained that this is the most important asset of IP. The pattern is printed on the printer, and the grain is rolled out. In order to ensure that the color and pattern are consistent, IP steel rollers are carved out by themselves, which is also the core technology of IP.

I asked how the steel roller was installed on the machine, and Mr. Yan pointed to the gantry crane in the distance. But it is such a cliche, it seems that the Germans are not what we imagine the pursuit of automatic and unmanned, people's money is used on the knife.

IP executives talk IP

After visiting the workshop, a group of people returned to the meeting room for in-depth exchanges.

IP can be seen everywhere professionally in detail

In this more than 20 years, Yan has witnessed the company from a Sino-foreign joint venture to a German sole proprietorship, from a huge loss in five years (more than 10 million yuan per year) to a flat sixth year (300,000 yuan in that year), from the whole house customization period to the current new normal. He used "believe in long-termism" as an IP generalization.

Talking about the leading role of original design, Yan shared two views, which was impressive.

First, German design ahead, now the most popular color in China is birch, scars, defective beauty, in fact, are German designers 20 years ago; Second, design is a cycle, now back to the natural and natural mechanism.

This is easy to understand when you think about it. Design can't just look good, it has to be comfortable. The whole room is wrapped in plastic and metal, how can you live comfortably in it? The whole house customization must also talk about the balance of five elements, gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

How do Germans keep secrets? Seal sample building iron general door!

Yan introduced his 20-year career in German enterprises in this way, starting with the doctrine, what is popular in Germany, take it over; Now is Taobaoism, Taobao German designer works, choose suitable for the Chinese market to be promoted. Whole-house customization and electric vehicles, China has already led the world. Because of the increasing volume, the voice of China is naturally more and more important.

IP met Purete, what was the most beautiful accident?

In the evening, the Changzhou Host Changzhou Restaurant serves Cantonese cuisine to Cantonese guests. When IP meets Purete, what is the most beautiful accident? I sorted out three points on the spot:

What kind of beautiful accident will happen when IP meets Purete

1, Purete and IP customers overlap, is currently at another peak in the flat paste industry. If face printers and equipment sellers can form a regular interaction mechanism to share their own dynamics and experience in serving customers, it will be beneficial to each other and the industry.

2, Purete advocates "surface kung fu", IP interpretation kung Fu by color, texture and texture of three parts. At present, IP's 10 production sites around the world have texture research and development capabilities in Germany, Poland, the United States and Japan. Once the Chinese base also has this capability, the two sides will enter into substantive cooperation.

3, IP is good at factory visits, how to plan visits, tell corporate stories, shout out such as "Your IP is Here and other creative slogans, let the whole house customization like a pilgrimage to Changzhou to visit and find their own IP... Factory visits and curiosity marketing are also a model that Purete is learning, just take it directly.