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[Hanqiu] people yearn and sneak for growth; In 2022, the tiger will add

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On the eighth day of the first month, firecrackers rang out.

People yearn, sneak growth!

Commencement in the year of the tiger

The eighth day of the first month of 2022. Chairman Fu Qiuxia and general manager Ma Xiaobo sent their blessings in person. In the deafening sound of firecrackers, start the year of the tiger and start a new job.

Hair in the year of the tiger

Learning sharing

The year of the tiger is born, advances and stands for the new! Based on the current situation, production training, technical training, process training, etc. All departments begin various training and learning in the new day. Committed to tapping more new needs, solving more new problems and creating more value for customers

Create a vast future and share the fruits of spring and autumn!

Everything goes well, happy!

A good beginning, a new beginning.

Bless Hanqiu, "meet" the tiger, add wings, stand up to the new and rise to the next level!

I wish all the staff of Hanqiu a happy new year and a lively year of the tiger!

Wish Hanqiu's customers and upstream and downstream partners a prosperous business!