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[Hanqiu annual meeting] stand upright to the new, create a vast future and share

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Review 2018-2021

Outlook 2022

Hanqiu characteristic morning meeting

Ms. Fu Qiuxia, chairman of Hanqiu, explained the key words of Hanqiu in 2022: growth, retrograde and innovation, setting the tone for Hanqiu's direction of struggle in 2022.


Development is the last word, and growth should be the norm.

Under the situation of repeated epidemics and complex international trade situation, only growth can cure all negative and pessimistic emotions and make the company continue to operate healthily.


Move forward in adversity and sneak in tenacity! The more difficult and dangerous it is, the more we have to go to the forefront. We must run on the road and appear at the customer site in order to help customers dig more pain points and create more value for the industry and customers.

[Xiang Xin]

To be new, to be new, to stand NEW!

Determine new strategies, explore new markets, develop new product lines, build new headquarters, introduce more new comrades in arms, tap more new needs and make more breakthroughs. Pay attention to the new.

2021 work summary and 2022 work plan

The representative of the marketing center spoke

The representative of the manufacturing center made a statement

The representative of R & D center made a speech

The representative of the application center made a statement

The representative of the functional center spoke

Summary and planning of plant construction

Hanqiutuan New Year meal -- Thai style

Different Thai style brings different experience to employees.

Moving Pratt person of the Year Award

The power of example is infinite. Excellent models can always bring us different feelings!

Tea break - fruits, desserts, beverages

The elaborate tea break, elegant and sweet, is a different scenic spot of the annual meeting.

After sales service engineer at customer site

Connect to attend the annual meeting

There are also 14 after-sales service engineers who are still at the customer's site. Busy installing and debugging for customers, I can't go back to the company to attend the annual meeting. I can feel the temperature of the annual meeting online through remote video and send blessings to each other.

There are the state of Qatar, which is far away from home, as well as those who are busy in Hebei, Zhejiang, Gansu, Fujian, Jiangxi and other domestic provinces and regions.

Before the Spring Festival, debug the customer's production line. After the Spring Festival, the customer can work hard and fast.

Lottery game link

Round after round of lucky draw pushed the annual meeting to a climax.

Stand for the new, personal comments

Everyone actively and enthusiastically stepped onto the stage and made personal sharing on how to "stand for the new" in 2022.

Photo wall

The beautiful photos of the annual meeting, the smile is always so bright!


Hanqiu intelligence's annual thank you conference from 2021 to 2022, with the theme of "paying attention to the new and paying attention to the time", is very unique in each link, such as annual summary, annual planning, annual moving character awards, personal sharing, lucky draw, family reunion dinner, etc. Young, passionate and unique, it expresses Hanqiu's core values, presents Hanqiu's unique culture and spreads Hanqiu's struggle tone in 2022.

On the occasion of the annual meeting

Bless Hanqiu, "meet" the tiger, add wings, stand up to the new and rise to the next level!

I wish all the staff of Hanqiu a happy new year and a lively year of the tiger!

Wish Hanqiu's customers and upstream and downstream partners a prosperous business!